Focussing on staff management policies, including diversity, equity and inclusion, staff development, staff wellbeing, safety and support.

We do not and could not expect any bar to receive a perfect score in their submission form, but by asking a wide variety of questions we hope that any bar that applies for a PIN has the chance to show where care and consideration is made for the make-up of the team and the well-being of all employees. Showing that you have a diverse team who are well cared for, well trained for their work, are representative of the community your bar is in and whose working environment is safe and inclusive will result in the highest scores.

It is worth noting that across the entire Consultancy Phase so far, this module has received the most feedback from hospitality professionals around the world and as such, we have worked to ensure that all elements have been addressed and are given space within the criteria.

If you feel any of these questions are inappropriate, unnecessary or not in-depth enough, we would love to hear that and will take all feedback into careful consideration.



1. Do you feel like the diversity of your team (including, but not limited to race / ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, immigration status, ability, religion) is reflective of the population within your locality. (Locality is in reference to your area, town, city, state, from which your potential workforce could be employed).
If YES, please explain why this is the case and are there any measures that your business has undertaken to make this so?
If NO, are you doing anything to work towards this?

2. When recruiting new staff, do you abide by any of the following measures to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion? (Tick all that apply : Inclusion of a statement in all job adverts with a commitment to DEI / Anonymous or “blind” reviews of applications or resumes without attaching names or identifiable characteristics / Regular evaluation of job description language and requirements to ensure they are inclusive and equitable / Target a diverse pool of individuals through a wide variety of recruitment sources / Offer workplace adjustments to make roles accessible to people with disability)

3. Please outline the gender split of your team (male / female / gender neutral)

4. Please outline the gender split of those in senior positions (male / female / gender neutral) 

(“senior position” is in reference to a management position, i.e. position of authority / decision maker)

5. How many of your team are from an underrepresented racial or ethnic minority?

6. How many of these people are in senior positions?

7. Is your business owned, co-owned or led by individuals from any of the following underrepresented groups : Women / Individuals from an underrepresented racial or ethnic minority / Other underrepresented individuals (LGBTQIA+, people with disability etc.)

8. Are there any ways in which you are actively ensuring equity for underrepresented groups at the senior leadership level? (Tick all that apply : ADD IN CHECK BOX LIST)

Does your business have any measures in place to ensure an inclusive workplace for the LGBTQIA+ community?  (Tick all that apply : ADD IN CHECK BOX LIST)


9. Do you have a staff handbook that is available to all members of your team?
If YES, are any of the following included over and above guidance on the day to day practices of bar operations? (Tick all that apply : A non-discrimination statement / An anti-harassment policy with reporting mechanisms, processes and disciplinary procedures / A statement on work hours / Policies on pay and performance issues / Policies on benefits, training and leave / Grievance resolution process / Disciplinary procedures and possible sanctions)

10. What kind of beverage / service training do you offer? (Tick all that apply : Spirits / Cocktail / Beer, Wine / Service / Hygiene / Round-Building / Speed / Accuracy / Other (specify))

11. Are there measures in place to support training or testing for any staff members who have a physical disability?

12. Are there measures in place to support training or testing for any staff members who are neurodiverse?

13. Do you offer staff training on topics other than beverage/service? (e.g. first aid, reducing venue environmental impact, DEI? etc)

14. If training sessions are organised outside of service hours, do you pay staff to attend these?

15. Is there anything about your staff training programme that you’re particularly proud of and would like us to know?

16. Is there anything you do to foster staff career development that you are proud of?

17. Do you have a clear structure in place for giving staff positive and / or negative feedback? 

18. Do you have clear lines of communication for staff to air grievances that the full team is aware of?


19. Do you ensure equal pay for equal roles?

20. Do you have measures in place to ensure your salaried employees do not regularly work more than their contracted hours?

21. Do your hourly employees ever work unpaid overtime?

22. Do you pass on all customer tips and service charges to all staff without deductions?

23. Do you pay your staff local living wage?

24. Do you offer employee benefits over and above their wage? (e.g. bonus structure, profit share, health benefits, pensions etc)


25. Do you have measures in place to ensure staff get home safely after hours?

26. Do you have formal procedures in place to ensure staff feel generally safe whilst they are at work? (e.g. regularly identify and control hazards, trained first-aider on site etc)

27. Do you have formal procedures in place for staff to report harassment or threatening behaviour, from either fellow staff members or guests, that the full team is aware of?


28. Is there anything you’d like to tell us about the set up of the bar, back bar and / or back of house area that ensures staff physical wellbeing?

29. Is there a policy in place to ensure staff take adequate breaks during service that the whole team is aware of?

30. Are staff allowed to consume alcohol whilst on shift?
If YES, do you have anything in place to limit this?

31. Do you have processes in place to support staff who experience substance abuse?

32. Do you offer additional resources to support staff wellbeing? (Tick all that apply : Information sessions about physical health / Information sessions about mental health / Information sessions about substance abuse / Access to any physical fitness services / Access to any mental health services / Mentoring and coaching / Other (specify)

33. Do you do anything specific to build community amongst your whole team?

34. Is there anything more you would like to tell us about your staff / team that you are proud of? (e.g. longest standing member of staff, average tenure, an example of an individual’s progression, special things you do with the team etc)

You are invited to contact us via – feedback closes on 14 June 2023.