Focussing on the design of the venue, functionality, comfort, atmosphere, ambience, environmental considerations and the identification of thoughtful touches that amplify a guest’s experience.

We do not and could not expect any bar to receive a perfect score in their submission form, but by asking a wide variety of questions we hope that any bar that applies for a PIN has the chance to show the parts of their venues look, feel and design that they are the most proud of. Consistency in relation to concept and thoughtfulness in regards to a guests comfort will result in the highest scores.

Not all questions are evenly weighted, and some are simply there for reference when the reviewers visit – and so do not have points attributed.

If you feel any of these questions are inappropriate, unnecessary or not in-depth enough, we would love to hear that and will take all feedback into careful consideration.



1. Describe the look and feel of the venue and the processes undertaken in its creation (e.g. design in relation to concept, designers input etc)

2. Describe the design of the bar itself, including anything to note about the back bar.

3. Is there anything to note about the bathroom? (e.g. design in relation to the rest of the bar, bathroom products, attendant etc)


4. Is there anything about the setting or the architecture that impacts the guest experience and if so, is there anything you do to maximise this?

5. Are there any thoughtful touches you bring to the space that add to the guest experience?


6. Do you play music in the venue, and if so is there anything you are proud of with regards to this? (e.g. DJ programme, live music, sound systems etc)


7. Are there any environmental considerations with regards to the design of your venue that you are proud of (e.g. LED lights, upcycled fixtures, the use of sustainable materials, maximisation of energy efficiency etc)


Reviewers will receive a briefing document before visiting a venue – based on the submission form from the bar. This is to ensure they have a clear understanding of what the venue is trying to achieve – the “style” of venue they’re being asked to review. Consequently, whether the reviewers “liked” the interior or not, is irrelevant here – instead they are looking for 360 thoughtfulness in relation to the concept of the venue as a whole. Comfort will of course also be taken into consideration, as well whether the lighting and music levels were appropriate for the time of their visit. They will be asked to report on any stand-out touches and the impact of the design as a whole. 

You are invited to contact us via – feedback closes on 14 June 2023.