Candidates will be encouraged to demonstrate the attributes required to be a reviewer through an application form online. The form can be saved and revisited so the candidate can take their time to fill this in. The Pinnacle Guide uses blind assessment of candidates, meaning names or any other identifying factors will not be visible to recruiters when reading application forms. Applications will open at the same time as the self nomination process for bars – Summer 2023.


Where relevant, candidates who successfully complete the application form will be invited to a short telephone or video interview with a representative for The Pinnacle Guide in order to determine suitability. This interview will be used to clarify answers to the questions on the form and to gauge relevant passion and knowledge.


Following a successful application, potential reviewers must complete The Pinnacle Guide Training which will be available online. This will be a series of video modules with a test at the end of the series. These modules will cover all the elements we expect a reviewer to recognise, as well as ensuring consistency across all markets. These will be recorded in English with subtitles available.


Successful reviewers will be allocated bars within a reasonable radius of their locality. Before visiting a venue, they will be provided with a briefing sheet with information from the bar’s application form in order to prepare. This will include elements of service that the bar may be particularly proud of, plus elements within the venue that will need a verification.

Drink expenses will be covered for all reviewers – two cocktails in each of the venues they visit.
Reviewers are welcome to visit in a group or solo, but they must try two cocktails.

Alongside the verification of facts stated by the venue, there will also be the opportunity for reviewers to write more detailed feedback which may form part of the online review for the bar within The Pinnacle Guide website.


What happens if a reviewer breaks anonymity?

Following our panel discussion – The Pinnacle Guide will operate a “one strike and you’re out” rule for breaking anonymity. We recommend that candidates do not share their application beyond next of kin.

How long can a reviewer continue with The Pinnacle Guide? 

Reviewers are given this role for a maximum of two years. At this point, if they would like to continue, they will need to reapply and re-do The Pinnacle Guide Training.

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