Focussing on the hospitality shown in a venue, how guests are made to feel during their experience – including processes, thoughtful touches and staff.

14% application assessment | 86% in-venue anonymous review

Focussing on the bar’s approach to their drinks, including overall menu concept and its appropriateness to the venue concept as a whole, ingredients, techniques, presentation, inclusivity, environmental considerations and menu coherence.

60% application assessment | 40% in-venue anonymous review

Focussing on the design of the venue, functionality, comfort, atmosphere, ambience, environmental considerations and the identification of thoughtful touches that amplify a guest’s experience.

39% application assessment | 61% in-venue anonymous review

Focussing on staff management policies, including diversity, equity and inclusion, staff development, staff wellbeing, safety and support. 

100% application assessment

Focussing on a venue’s back-of-house management systems and processes, set-up, prep and breakdown, overall efficiency, supply chain thoughtfulness, environmental considerations, hygiene, and cleanliness.

78% application assessment  | 22% in-venue anonymous review

Focussing on how a venue takes care of  their community, both in-person and online – including guest inclusiveness, responsible drinking, safety and external communication. 

100% application assessment

Whilst there needs to be a demonstration of excellence across all six modules, venues can upweight their points by excelling in the modules that are closest to their brand values and concept.

Immediate Disqualifiers

Within the application process there are a few immediate disqualification elements that mean a bar can not receive a PIN. These hard and fast disqualifiers include whether the opening hours and address are easily retrievable online, whether basic hygiene standards are met (including lockable bathroom cubicles) and in the interest of inclusivity – whether there are at least two non-alcoholic cocktails on the list. Whilst these may feel extremely obvious – they are vital for a good experience, wherever you are in the world. We want to be transparent about these elements so all venues applying for a PIN understand what is required at the absolute minimum.