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Manchester, UK

Sexy Fish Manchester blends the brand’s opulence with down-to-earth gracious service in a venue that is high-energy and high-quality.

Restaurant reservations only
Limited availability for bar walk-ins
Accessible venue



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The bar at Sexy Fish is separate from the main restaurant – but it is all part of the same space. Reservations are only available for dining and the bar prioritises the customers with restaurant bookings – therefore at busy times, and especially at weekends, it may be difficult to purely visit the bar. Therefore if a restaurant reservation is not desired – it is advised to visit Sexy Fish early week.


There are multiple hero pieces of art around the restaurant, predominantly, the Frank Gehry crocodile above reception and the Frank Gehry fish suspended above the bar. There are three giant sculptures by Damien Hirst featuring sea creatures – three constellations of sharks, whales, octopi and much much more.

The Pinnacle Guide


Following on from the success of London, Manchester’s Sexy Fish opened in the heart of Spinning Fields and lives up to the visual hype of the brand. As soon as guests enter the venue they’re hit with an immediate wow-factor and the automatic recognition they’re in a premium, concept-focused bar and restaurant. While much of the identity has been replicated here by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and decorated with the same artists in the London venue — Damien Hirst, Frank Gehry and Michael Roberts — Manchester has its own unique touchpoints.

There are large lit-up columns across the space, that change colour, and which have an Atlantis feel with their textured glass facades. The bar area here is far more dominant as well, as the pink-marble countertop wraps around the backbar, holding Sexy Fish Manchester’s huge Japanese whisky collection, with a stupendous indoor waterfall behind that. The newly-designed bar has been created with the bartender in mind and the angled speed rails ensure easy flow of movement across four independent stations. 

While the decor sets the tone, the service and drinks at Sexy Fish Manchester are up to the task of continuing it. Drinks menus are a reflection of the creativity and innovation of the team and the cocktail list is a collaboration across the global group. Flavours are dreamt up, and trialled and tested by the team before being approved and every drink that makes it to the menu tends to have some form of prep involved which takes place off-site in a group beverage lab, be it infusion, distillation, oleos, sous vide or casein clarification. Cocktails across the group are therefore very modern, often innovative and presented with extreme flamboyance. 

While the same menu runs here as it does in London, Manchester has a few of its own unique cocktails and they also offer an extensive range of classics, with over 150 listed in the bar’s spec sheets. This venue also has its own Japanese whisky range, over 200 bottles were passed to Manchester from London to kick start the collection. This is no hand-me-down project however – it takes real passion to maintain a list of this quality and breadth, and is only possible to have grown since opening due the fact that the bar sells a lot.

Located as this venue is in Manchester, the blend of Sexy Fish glamour with the down-to-earth hospitality style of the north England may feel incompatible but the staff here prove otherwise. In a venue that is all about opulence, they are committed to guiding guests through the offering and relaxing them into the high-energy venue.

With strong queer representation within the management team, Sexy Fish Manchester is committed to creating a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community. All team members are given mandatory diversity training alongside all aspects of other hospitality and spirits education – and actively encouraged to work towards WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) at levels 2 and 3. The Sexy Fish laboratory is also available for those members of staff who want more exposure to the inner workings of ingredient production and cocktail research and development sessions. 

“Staff were chatty, engaging, having little jokes with you and when asking your future plans that night they showed excitement for what was planned as well as making their own suggestions and recommendations. It's premium hospitality but with a Northern tint...”

The Pinnacle Guide Anonymous Reviewer