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Barcelona, Spain

Paradiso is a super popular not-so-secret speakeasy, where guests are blown away with the theatrical cocktails and the genuine service offered by its staff.

No reservations
Virtual queue opens at 3pm
Accessible venue



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In order to secure a spot at Paradiso, you need to join the virtual queue. The queue opens each day at 3pm and you scan the QR code outside the venue to secure your place on the list. There’s a street-level bar which is perfect for an afternoon spritz or venture further afield until your allotted time comes up. When it’s your turn – follow the host through the pastrami bar to your table.


When ordering at Paradiso, look out for the Super Cool Martini. The team recreates a stalactite when serving the cocktail, by using their ‘super cooling’ technique. This method relies on a custom-made freezer, which keeps the water at a specific temperature, without freezing. Only when the water touches anything physical, will it freeze instantly.

The Pinnacle Guide


The first impression someone has of this now renowned Barcelona venue is its facade of a pastrami bar with a big antique fridge. Upon opening the fridge door – Paradiso awaits.

Becoming famed for its unique speakeasy entrance, the bustling vibe and its beautiful drinks, Paradiso used to have an enormous queue to get in each night. A good problem potentially for a business, but the bar missed its locals and regulars who could never come for a cocktail. To solve this issue, they have implemented a new system of a virtual waitlist. Guests sign up, then go and enjoy the neighbourhood bars, restaurants or museums, until there is space. Now neighbours and tourists alike sit at the bar and enjoy all that Paradiso has to offer. 

Past the fridge and the waitlist is the bar itself, a showpiece designed all in wood, it has been constructed to look like waves that stretch from the front of the bar and the backbar all the way to the ceiling and across it. Inspired by the Catalan modernism of the 50s and 60s, these stupendous wooden waves and the marble bartop confirm to the style’s instance that everything is rounded and circular, nothing is straight or at sharp angles. This gives the space a very warm atmosphere. Seating lies beyond the bar in an area decorated with floral and tropical flare. 

Guests might at that point think they’ve explored the depths of Paradiso, but through another hidden door in the bathroom is the second cocktail bar, dedicated to whisky, and with its own menu. Drinks across both areas, however, are very modern. The team makes full use of a lab with every tool in a bartender’s arsenal including three rotavaps, a large centrifuge, an ice cream maker and much more. This is staffed by between four to six people in the day to prepare for just one evening at Paradiso. Guests can expect interactive, playful and visually theatrical cocktails that don’t follow the classic families or rules but are always creative. 

As a bar that is always full, Paradiso has a lively ambience and playlists to match it. The staff are also used to working at full capacity, and their hospitality is never strained, with the bar being known for its friendly and warm nature. They are staffed to allow time with guests, and to have the ability to pay attention to the little details of someone’s visit.

When it comes to sustainability – Paradiso is certainly leading the charge – and hosts an annual two day summit – inviting key hospitality players from around the world to share their insights and experiences to inspire the industry to do better.

They themselves work with a local company called Abono km0 who stop by the bar weekly to collect organic waste to compost it and make soil which in turn goes to the local farms where they source their fruit. They have switched up their delivery methods and now work directly with spirits companies to deliver directly in bulk to avoid any unnecessary packaging waste plus they have also invested in a water ozonator – which allows for fewer chemical products to be used for cleaning. 

As a team – they run an extremely tight ship – and send daily briefings for the shift ahead, including any feedback from the night before to ensure smooth running operations. They also place great value on community within the team and as part of this, they often make and eat lunch together before service.  

"hospitality is their A-game. Well trained staff, that are in flawless communication - visual acknowledgement from start to end, and utmost attention to detail at every occasion."

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