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Origin Bar

Shangri-La, Singapore

This luxury hotel bar encapsulates the saying ‘a home away from home’ with warm hospitality and playful drinks.



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The bar operates a dedicated Community Outreach Program and the team engage in various initiatives, such as beach clean-ups, volunteering with organisations and visits to local schools and elderly homes, providing support and assistance for the day. This is part of their commitment to “Do Good” and give back to the community.


Over the years, Origin Bar’s rum selection has been carefully curated with a focus on quality rather than quantity. While they source local rums through available market suppliers, approximately 150 rums in the selection are sourced from different continents, obtained through direct acquisition or auctions.

The Pinnacle Guide


Origin Bar is a venue inspired by journeys, both physical and experiential. There are nods throughout the space to the idea of a station, or starting point, borrowing elements from Central Station in New York City and Tanjong Pagar Station in Singapore. It isn’t quite so obvious as stepping into a carriage, but the vintage wall lamps, architectural soaring arches and the wooden and glass panel wrap around the bar area emulating a ticketing office all point towards this theme. 

The aesthetic incorporates a combination of gold, natural wood, and teal blue and green hues, another design nod but this time to the history of the space, which in the 1970s was home to a bar known as the Golden Peacock. Most of the seating here – a mix of sofas and chairs with booths against one wall – faces the bar, making a clear point as to the star of the show. 

Since opening in 2017, Origin Bar’s menu has been constantly evolving with a new concept launched annually. There is deep thought and collaboration that goes into the creation of these menus, starting with a foundational ‘big idea’, which the whole team feeds into. At the next stage, each team member is assigned specific cocktails to research and develop and these drinks are then assessed as a team, with creative feedback given. This whole process takes many months and has an emphasis on teamwork and collaborative problem solving. 

Regardless of what menu is currently in rotation, guests can be assured something innovative will be presented and a chance for conversation around the big idea will ensue. Cocktails are modern, harnessing different techniques such as clarification, distilling, sous-vide, amongst others, to precisely achieve the flavours the team is seeking.

Drinks here are also gently theatrical. Glassware, vessels and cups are sourced from around the world by the bartenders to align with each cocktail’s concept and some drinks offer a tableside finishing touch, while others invite guests to play bartender themselves. 

The real draw card of Origin Bar however, is the interactions and connections made by the team here. All the staff are genuinely passionate about hospitality and the drinks they’re creating. Guests often note walking into Origin is like being welcomed into a family of regulars. With the room spaced out to allow guests privacy if that’s preferred or the ability to strike up conversation, the feeling of ease at the start of a journey at Origin is universal here. 

Origin Bar takes great care for the career development of the team and creates personal development plans for each member of staff to ensure their growth within the business. As part of the Shangri La group there are many opportunities for global travel or exchange programmes with other properties which vastly broadens their professional skill set. Notably, safety for employees is paramount, and the bar provides dedicated transportation to and from the local metro station – or if after midnight, a taxi service home for all team members. 

"To me this bar embodies the sense of "coming home" - even though I had no booking I felt privileged to be part of a journey of discovery."

The Pinnacle Guide Anonymous Reviewer