Focussing on a venue’s back-of-house management systems and processes, set-up, prep and breakdown, overall efficiency, environmental considerations, hygiene and cleanliness.

We do not and could not expect any bar to achieve a perfect score in their submission form, but by asking a wide variety of questions we hope that any bar that applies for a PIN has the chance to show where consideration has been made for well-designed back of house systems as well as overall cleanliness of the space as a whole. Venues who also show care for the environment in regards to the bar’s own output will result in the highest scores.

Not all questions are evenly weighted, and some are simply there for reference when the reviewers visit – and so do not have points attributed.

If you feel any of these questions are inappropriate, unnecessary or not in-depth enough, we would love to hear that and will take all feedback into careful consideration.



1. What is the number of bathrooms within your venue? (Unisex / Male / Female) (note – this will be assessed against your capacity)

2. Is your venue accessible to disabled people*, including bathroom access? 

3. Are you doing anything to maximise the accessibility of your venue within your own constraints? (e.g. Grab rails in bathrooms, careful consideration of furniture positioning, lowered bar, consideration of swing doors, signage that offers help, acoustic treatment, availability of Easy Read menus, visual signs notifying of any alarms that might go off, etc.)

*Please note, this language has been chosen based on the Social Model of Disability. CLICK HERE for more info.


4. Is there anything about your pre-service set up that you are proud of?

5. Are there any processes behind your drinks service set-up that you are proud of? (e.g. ingredient preparation, batching, ice production, etc.) 

6. Is there any specialist back-of-house equipment you have access to that you are proud of?

7. Do you have a separate prep area and if so is there anything you are proud of with regards to this?

8. Is any of your prep done off-site and if so is there anything you are proud of with regards to this?

9. Is there anything about your post-service breakdown that you are proud of?


10. How often is the bar deep cleaned?

11. Is there a food hygiene standard in your market that you must abide by?

If YES, what is your current food hygiene rating?

If YES, what was the date of your last visit from a hygiene standards officer?

If NO, are there targets in place to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the venue is kept to a high standard?

12. How often throughout service are the bathrooms checked?

13. Do the locks work on all toilet cubicle doors?


14. What environmental considerations are you making with regards to your ops? (e.g. eco-friendly cleaning products, monitoring ingredient waste (and setting reduction targets), monitoring energy and water consumption (and setting reduction targets), separation and appropriate disposal of food waste, no virgin plastic policy, reusable plastic only, use of green energy, use of green banking, etc.)

15. Is there a recycling facility available to you in your local market for glass, plastic, paper and cardboard?

If YES, which of the following do you recycle? (glass / plastic / paper and cardboard)

If NO, is there anything you do to recycle or reduce wastage of glass / plastic / paper and cardboard?

16. Do you make considerations for your technology waste (broken ipads, speakers, tills, card machines) (e.g. use of a recycling service, use of a trade-in service, repair-first policy, etc.)


The only element of this section a reviewer can have an input on is the overall cleanliness of the venue during their visit. They will be checking the hygiene within the bathrooms most specifically though there will be a chance to give feedback on the venue as a whole, including wear and tear of furnishings, menus, glassware etc. 

Anonymous Reviewers will be looking for and assessing the following (where relevant):

CLEANLINESS : Venue overall / bar top / work station (if visible) / bathrooms

WEAR AND TEAR : Furnishings / menus / glassware 

You are invited to send feedback directly via hello@thepinnacleguide.com – feedback closes on 15 June 2023.