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London, UK

Nipperkin is a cosy Mayfair bar that celebrates true British craftsmanship, with unusual local and sustainably sourced ingredients used for their cocktails.

20 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8EE, United Kingdom

Reservations recommended
Limited walk-ins available
Accessible venue



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Nipperkin selects suppliers based on their environmental merit – those that supply their spirits in bulk, plant trees on venues’ behalf or are B-Corp certified. 99% of packaging that arrives to the bar is successfully recycled and due to the bar’s concept there are limited food-miles on all of their produce. In fact, Nipperkin is working directly with farms to purchase their wonky produce that would otherwise not be sold.


Nipperkin is committed to using produce sourced from within the British Isles and this dedication to locality is continued in their beer and wine selection. The bar stocks locally brewed beers, small beer and a selection of British wines and sparkling ciders. They make a mead from scratch, plus offer a unique range of British brewed sakes. 96% of everything they serve comes from the UK, with the 4% being spirits they can not legally source locally due to PDOs (like tequila, bourbon, cognac etc).

The Pinnacle Guide


Nipperkin is a London bar that doubles as a beacon of support for the farmers, brewers, distillers, and foragers of the UK. With a commitment to showcasing the very best of British produce, the bar’s beverage program revolves around hyper-seasonal and hyper-local ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably.

The interior design of Nipperkin pays homage to the historical connection between Mayfair and the surrounding rural lands, drawing inspiration from the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Stepping into Nipperkin is like entering a modern and minimal interpretation of a cosy Victorian-era townhouse, with warm earthy tones, rich upholstery, and bespoke joinery creating an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. The island bar station serves as the focal point of the small room, encouraging interaction between guests and bartenders. A few shelves adorned with spirits, books, and memorabilia add to the homely ambiance, while a “liquid library” showcases the bar’s homemade ingredients for guests to explore.

Hospitality at Nipperkin is akin to being welcomed into a friend’s home, with a strong emphasis on approachability and personal connection. Guests are treated like members of the family, with complimentary water and seasonal nibbles offered alongside impeccable service. The bar’s minimalistic approach to drink presentation, eschewing garnishes in favour of swift and simplistic styles, reflects the team’s commitment to showcasing the natural flavours of their carefully curated ingredients.

Celebrating produce from British land, cocktails are made exclusively from locally sourced spirits and ingredients. While the menu changes regularly to reflect the seasons, the bar also offers a selection of daily specials, allowing guests to experience the full breadth of the team’s creativity. Drinks are meticulously prepared in-house, with cordials, syrups, liqueurs, and distillates crafted from scratch using produce sourced from UK farmers. They also have personal relationships with foragers – meaning what is on the menu one day – may very well not be the next. Wherever possible the team offer guests the opportunity to taste the individual components of their drinks – the Nipperkin Triplet – a flight of selected spirits, liqueurs, or vermouths curated to showcase the flavours extracted, presented at the end of the visit.

Beyond its exceptional drinks and hospitality, Nipperkin also prides itself on its sense of community and support for small distilleries and individual producers. The bar’s unique music selection, curated from a turntable, adds to the overall ambiance, while guests are encouraged to bring their own records to further personalise their experience.

The small bar team is carefully nurtured by management to ensure they receive sufficient training across all elements of the business and are offered mentorship to achieve promotions within the business or reach higher personal goals.

Nipperkin also commits to a great deal of charity work and ensures that a rotational selection of causes receive their attention. In their first year – they have supported We Free Women, South London Gallery, Centre Point (who provide support for unhoused young people in London) and a partnership with The Macallan and the McCourtney sisters in an initiative to plant more trees.  

“The bar staff expertly balanced the level of detail they shared about cocktails and ingredients based on guests' interest.. I was really impressed by the bar's menu, their selection of drinks, and the creativity of the bar team. I have never seen anything like this before!”

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