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Minneapolis, USA

In a venue that’s been a bar for over 120 years, Meteor pays homage to the age-old concept of great drinks and great hospitality, showing heart-felt commitment to their community.



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Deeply embedded in the community, every month Meteor chooses a local charity to partner with, and raises money from proceeds of the sales of bespoke cocktails on the specials letter board. The venue also makes payments to a shelter for a neighbourhood friend who is houseless – the shelter in turn keeps the money in a trust for use for future permanent housing.


While Meteor’s back bar looks as original as the bar top, it’s a craigslist find, built in the 1940’s, that was being stored in the basement of a gentleman in Gaylord, MN. The team rented a U-Haul and brought it back up to Minneapolis, loaded it in through the tiny back door of the bar and built a platform to level it out.

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Located in an industrial neighbourhood of Minneapolis that is very much off the beaten path for most venues, Meteor’s building has been a bar for over 120 years. With that rich history came layers of decor, carpet and concepts that were all carefully stripped back to reveal the space as it is now, with some loving restoration and a few new features. In a space only the size of a train car, that sense of self and place that exudes from old buildings is in full effect, with guests often noting Meteor’s harmony and how the evening seamlessly flows.

Underneath the unique aesthetics found at Meteor was a beautiful brick interior that has now been preserved. New chequered black and white tiles replaced carpet and some existing booths were repurposed into banquettes. The bar itself is glossy wood, adorned with a simple two-shelved backbar and vintage speakers that ensure the sound feels comfortable in the space. A pinball machine and some modern lighting finishes off the look that could be any great American bar but simultaneously only this one. 

Meteor strives to be as down to earth as its surroundings, and with that the aim to make thoughtful cocktails accessible and affordable. Those in search of a beer and shot are welcome, but guests looking for a perfectly executed Daiquiri or Martini won’t be disappointed. In fact even those who are searching for something a little more bespoke will be enamoured with the bar, who make upwards of a dozen ingredients in-house to tailor recipes perfectly. This produce-focused ethos extends to the bar’s hot dog toppings that are made by staff – yes, this historic American bar naturally serves hot dogs. 

Perched at the bar, guests can peruse the venue’s great selection of Mexican spirits, with bar staff only too happy to chat and show off their collection of 100% agave tequilas. Sat there it’s easy to start to spot some of the more careful details of Meteor too. Look out for the black and white hand-made wallpaper of old show flyers and rock bands, the preserved tags carved into the original bar top or the postcards and gifts mounted around the backbar from friends to the Meteor team. For those that want to learn – they host regular cocktail classes which focus on creating responsible and educated guests – and not just how to simply shake or stir.

Taking care of the small, tight knit team is intrinsic to operations and Meteor partners with a local Minneapolis organisation “Serving Those Serving” to provide counselling services free of charge. Mentorship and peer-to-peer learning is also placed in high regard and inspiring and championing the next generation of bartenders is imperative to creating the community they are looking to build. 

Meteor has become known as a safe space for many underrepresented groups of individuals, fostered by the team who are both welcoming and diverse themselves. Much of the clientele is queer and/or nonbinary and to celebrate this, the bar hosts a monthly drag show. This culture extends out to their social media content, which the whole team collaborates on to ensure diversity and inclusion across everything they post.  

"The ambiance and staff truly made me feel welcomed. Their service is top-notch. I would come back because of the staff alone."

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