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London, UK

An elegant bar adorned with hand-painted Polynesian tapa art and retro-style furnishings, featuring a curated selection of vintage spirits and seasonal cocktails.



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Kwãnt’s focus is to minimise their footprint as much as possible, and therefore they take initiatives such as receiving one order per week from their suppliers and supporting small growers as much as possible. The team avoid waste by growing garnishes in-house, such as herbs grown using an Evogro system, that are cut to order.


In Kwãnt’s prep-area they employ a SS304 Brewtech tank for fermenting, which gives ingredients such as fermented cucumber, fermented beetroot and fermented lapsing soughing vinegar which the bar is well known for. The team also creates distillates that make their way to the cocktail list, gaining a reputation for the often out-there flavours like the langoustine distillate or the marmite distillate.

The Pinnacle Guide


Kwãnt in Mayfair is the second site this bar has called home, and stands as somewhat of an oasis in London. The bar’s design is a visual feast, with hand-painted Polynesian tapa art adorning the walls, complemented by sunset-inspired cane ceilings and retro-style sofas. Guests who visit in the late afternoon will find a warm and often sunny bar with huge windows that allow the light in, and then post sunset, venetian blinds close out the evening. Custom-made elements, from the stools upholstered in luxurious Dedar fabric to the chess table tops for which guests can request pieces to play, exude rich sophistication, while the layout ensures intimacy without sacrificing comfort.

The bar counter is also custom made, and deep thought has gone into its creation. Guests can sit at the front of the open bar counter, but the design also incorporates a very special seat behind the bar, which the team offers to solo guests. With the bartenders in mind, there are three independent work stations created to allow the best posture for working. With all ingredients, glassware and bottles in the station, and the back bar just a metre from the front, the bartender’s movements are minimised.  

Kwãnt’s menu is divided into signature and vintage cocktails, showcasing every style of drink from Martini-style spirit-forward options to those that are shaken, citrus-forward or wine-dominante. Non-alcoholic options are also available, showcasing the same attention to detail and creativity as their alcoholic counterparts. The team here play a key part of the development of drinks as well their fruit and vegetable supplier Natoora from whom Kwãnt receives regular updates on seasonal ingredients.

The bar’s approach to garnishes and presentation is minimalist, allowing the flavours to shine without distraction. Microherbs, grown in-house using an Evogro system, add a touch of freshness and aroma to select cocktails, while spheres are used to elevate highballs and drinks served on the rocks. Techniques such as carbonation, clarification, distillation, and fermentation are employed to enhance the complexity of the drinks, resulting in a menu that is as diverse as it is delicious.

In addition to its impressive cocktail selection, Kwãnt Mayfair offers a curated spirit selection, with a focus on both small producers and well-known brands. Vintage spirits dating back to 1903 add a touch of nostalgia to the menu, offering guests the opportunity to sample rare and unique offerings.

The hospitality at Kwãnt Mayfair is characterised by attention to detail and a commitment to guest satisfaction. There is no hierarchy within the team, with everyone holding the same title. Each new member of staff works on rotation through all the roles to get an in-depth overview of how the bar operates and there is a genuine focus on coaching talent and recognising achievements across the whole team.

The staff’s expertise is evident in their seamless service and extensive knowledge of the cocktail menu. Whether guiding guests through the vintage spirits collection or recommending a signature creation, the team creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and refined.

Overall, Kwãnt Mayfair is a testament to the art of hospitality and mixed drinks. From its stunning design to its innovative cocktails, every aspect of the bar reflects a commitment to excellence. 

“Each team member has a personality that shines through and compliments others within the team. Thoughtful recommendations through thorough knowledge of the menu and ingredients as well as knowledge from the drinks industry overall comes across effortlessly and informatively in a considered and professional manner.”

The Pinnacle Guide Anonymous Reviewer