Focussing on the hospitality shown in a venue, how guests are made to feel during their experience – including processes, thoughtful touches and staff.

We do not and could not expect any bar to achieve a perfect score in their submission form, but by asking a wide variety of questions we hope that any bar that applies for a PIN has the chance to show the parts of their Front of House service and hospitality that they are the most proud of. Thoughtful consideration for how the guest is made to feel will result in the highest scores.

Not all questions are evenly weighted, and some are simply there for reference when the reviewers visit – and so do not have points attributed.

If you feel any of these questions are inappropriate, unnecessary or not in-depth enough, we would love to hear that and will take all feedback into careful consideration.



1. How are guests greeted at the venue? Is there security, a dedicated host, a cloakroom? Is there ever a queue and if so, how is this managed?

2. Are there any specific timings that you work towards with regards to greeting and seating guests?


3. How do guests receive a menu? Are there timings you work towards?

4. Is there anything given to guests before they order, and if so is there anything you’re proud of with regards to this? (e.g. complimentary beverage, snacks, etc.)

5. Is there complimentary drinking water on request, and if so is there anything you’re proud of with regards to this? (e.g. filtration system, fruit infused, bottled, etc.)

6. With regards to how drinks service operates within your venue – please tick the statement that best applies (table service only / bar service only / mixture)

7. Are there any specific timings that you work towards with regards to serving guests?

8. Are there any other specific processes with regards to greeting, seating and serving guests that you are proud of?

9. Do you give anything to your guests at the end of their time with you? (e.g. with their bill, parting gifts, etc.)


Our anonymous reviewers will be considering all aspects of how they are made to feel when visiting a bar. From the point of making the reservation, the welcome at the door and the efficiency and appropriateness of the staff they encounter – they will be looking for the true essence of hospitality. This element will be the most in-depth for our reviewers and will require them to complete a full assessment of their visit – verifying information provided above, but also reporting back on the overall atmosphere of the venue and how they felt from beginning to end. 

Anonymous Reviewers will be looking for and assessing the following (where relevant), in relation to appropriateness to the venue and concept.

PRE-VISIT : Easily understandable entry policy / reservation system ease of use / pre-visit outreach

GREETING : Impression of welcome / queue system / cloakroom system

SEATING : Smoothness of seating process / timing to be seated / table setting / speed of menu service

SERVING : Timing to be served / accuracy of order / interaction with staff

LEAVING : The bill / speed of receiving / accuracy

OVERALL IMPRESSION : How the reviewer was made to feel / staff hospitality / warmth / welcome / experience as a whole

You are invited to send feedback directly via – feedback closes on 15 June 2023.