Focussing on how a venue works with their community, and is a valuable part of the local eco-system – including guest inclusiveness, responsible drinking and safety.

We do not and could not expect any bar to achieve a perfect score in their submission form, but by asking these questions we hope that any bar that applies for a PIN has the chance to explain the ways in which they show up within their own community that they are most proud of. Actions that demonstrate authentic support, whilst ensuring their guests feel welcome and safe within their venue will result in the highest scores.

Not all questions are evenly weighted, and some are simply there for reference when the reviewers visit – and so do not have points attributed.

If you feel any of these questions are inappropriate, unnecessary or not in-depth enough, we would love to hear that and will take all feedback into careful consideration.



1. Do you work to ensure you are serving your local community / neighbourhood / regular customers (eg, offer discounts or promotions, etc.)

2. Do you work with / support any charities or causes?

3. Do you have a policy in place to support responsible drinking amongst guests?

4. Do you have procedures in place for any guests who are harassed or feel threatened within the venue?

5. Do you have a policy or procedures in place to ensure those from underrepresented groups feel welcome and safe within your venue?

6. Do you have sanitary products freely available to guests within your bathrooms for individuals who menstruate?


7. What marketing methods do you use to promote your venue and grow your community, is there anything with regards to this that you are proud of? (e.g. newsletters, events, social campaigns, etc.)

8. Is there anything you are proud of with regards to how you present yourself to your online community? (e.g. social media, PR, etc.) 

9. Do you employ external agencies to support you on your community growth? (e.g. PR agencies, social media agencies, etc.) or do you manage this within the existing bar team?

You are invited to send feedback directly via – feedback closes on 15 June 2023.