The Pinnacle Guide
  • A true passion for great bars, hospitality and cocktails.
  • Familiarity with, and an appreciation for, top tier cocktail bars – whether this is a hobby or for professional reasons.
  • Good use of the written word in your preferred first language.
  • Good observational skills.
  • Confidence in using computer and phone applications and forms effectively.
  • If you are a drinks brand representative, drinks industry spokesperson, journalist or influencer – you must demonstrate the capacity to assess completely non-subjectively.
  • You may not apply for the position if the bar you work in has an open application with The Pinnacle Guide. 


  • Have worked in hospitality, with extra consideration given to those who have worked in a bar.
  • Demonstrate real understanding of ingredients, flavour and taste.
  • Have an appreciation of aesthetic.
  • Have aligned values around environmental regeneration and sustainability.
  • Have aligned values around diversity, equity and inclusion behind and in front of the bar.
The Pinnacle Guide


The Pinnacle Guide
  • Reviewers must retain anonymity. Any reviewer who breaks anonymity will be stripped of their position. 
  • Reviewers will be local to the venues that they are reviewing although we will maximise existing travel schedules where appropriate.
  • Reviewers must declare any personal or commercial link to any bar they are allocated to review.


  • Successful reviewers will be allocated bars within a reasonable radius of their locality. Before visiting a venue, they will be provided with a briefing sheet with information from the bar’s application form in order to prepare. This will include elements of service that the bar may be particularly proud of, plus elements within the venue that will need a verification.
  • Drink expenses will be covered for all reviewers – two cocktails in each of the venues they visit.
  • Reviewers are welcome to visit in a group or solo, but they must personally try two cocktails.
    The position for a reviewer is also open to those who don’t drink alcohol or have adopted a low-alcohol lifestyle, as The Pinnacle Guide stipulates that all bars must have at least two low/no mixed drinks on their menu to qualify.
  • Alongside the verification of facts stated by the venue, there will also be the opportunity for reviewers to write more detailed feedback which may form part of the online review for the bar within The Pinnacle Guide website.
The Pinnacle Guide


Step 1

If this application is successful - you will be contacted by The Pinnacle Guide for a short video interview with the team.

Step 2

Once shortlisted as a potential reviewer - we will ask you to sign an anonymity agreement. You must then undertake The Pinnacle Guide Training Programme, which will be available to do online and in your own time.

Step 3

Once training is completed successfully you will then hold your position as a reviewer for two years. During this time, we may contact you at any time to anonymously review a bar in your area. You are not under any obligation to accept assignments as they come to you and reviews can be carried out at a time that is suitable for your schedule.

You must uphold your anonymity for the entire duration of your time as a reviewer and breaking this contract will result in your reviewer status being immediately revoked.