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Ballroom by Barbary Coast explores the upscale drinking destinations of San Francisco’s Gold Rush with creative cocktails in a lovingly restored historic building.

Reservations required
Limited walk-ins available
Not an accessible venue



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Ballroom by Barbary Coast transforms from a cocktail bar to a club on Thursday – Saturday post 11pm. House cocktails have their last call at 10pm and after this, table service is limited or based on bottle-service. Therefore guests keen to enjoy the bar as a cocktail destination should visit before this time.


The team have developed a fully non-verbal communication system in-house, to ensure all bartenders can quickly and efficiently identify what is being ordered. All staff are trained via a phone app to memorise these visual queues, and the system has the added benefit of inclusivity for any staff with hearing impairment.

The Pinnacle Guide


Ballroom by Barbary Coast transports guests back to the bustling drinking holes of San Francisco’s gold rush era. Divided into two contrasting spaces, Ballroom sits upstairs at Barbary Coast, over DeadFalls, and celebrates the upscale ballrooms of yesteryear.

Upon entering Ballroom, guests are immediately enveloped in the eclectic mix of wallpapers and rich velvets that adorn the space, reminiscent of the patchwork decor of the era. The design, meticulously curated by Compound Collective, pays homage to the historical Barbary Coast area while incorporating elements of Singapore’s own past with advice from the team at Singapore’s National Archives. The preservation of original framework and brickwork from the 1904 building adds to the venue’s charm and historical significance.

The bar itself, while not immediately visible upon entry, serves as a focal point within the venue. With a curved design that softens the overall effect, the bar space leads onto more seating space with enough nooks and dark corners for privacy while still providing a high energy environment. Beyond aesthetics,the engineering of the bar has been developed by the company’s in-house design firm specialising in the application of Human Factors Engineering to the design and layout of F&B equipment, stations and architectural layouts.  The bar has been designed with immense precision to increase efficiency, taking into account varying height and reach abilities for workers.  Once a staff member is trained, movement is reduced by up to 70% and output capacity is doubled, resulting in less physical and mental fatigue – and the need for fewer staff. 

Ballroom’s menu changes twice a year and is a testament to the creativity of the entire team, with concepts discussed together before staff embark on a journey to infuse each drink with a story and distinct flavour profile. Apart from spirits, all ingredients are produced in-house at a dedicated off-site laboratory complete with a copper still, rotavap, centrifuge, sonic prep, thermomix and sous vide. The team test, balance and stabilise the PH and Brix of ingredients for consistency throughout any creation process.

Drinks here are very clean and classic in presentation with limited theatre, leaving the glassware, ice serves and functional garnishes to bring elegance to the serves. Depending on the drink or menu, Ballroom employs the use of flavoured ice to modify cocktails as it melts, allowing flavours to develop and the drink to morph from the first sip to the last. The team are able to create any classic cocktail ordered and guests will find non-alcoholic options are given equal consideration, with dedicated space on every menu.  

On the back bar, guests will notice an extensive selection of hand-carried bottles sourced from around the world, offering an ever-rotating selection of spirits not readily available in Singapore. This dedication to providing for their guests typifies the style of hospitality at Barbary Coast, which is warm, inviting, and attentive.

Well known for its dynamic music programming, from classic Jazz on Monday nights to progressive house music piped through the sound system late at night on the weekend, the atmosphere here is ever-changing. From 11pm Thursday to Saturday, Ballroom switches to late night service and transforms into a club-like space. 

Ballroom has a company motto – “We are a safe place for everyone”. One of the owners  was one of the first operators in Singapore to give the LGBTQIA+ community a place where they are not only welcome but free to fly the flag of their specific tribe, and so Ballroom benefits from that history of acceptance. The team supports numerous charities and works in partnership with Singapore River One organisation as well as working closely with Singapore Association for the Deaf.

“As a solo customer it's always appreciated that you're made to feel at home. The bartender looking after me was engaging and attentive, knowledgeable about the menu offering and helpful with suggestions.”

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