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A visually spectacular bar, ATLAS aims to bring the glamour of the 1920s back to life with elevated classics in its luxurious lobby and bar.

Reservations recommended
Walk-ins welcome
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ATLAS places high value on mentorship within the team which is tailored to support and encourage all team members in unlocking their potential and advance within the business – proven by their current head bartender. She was one of the opening team – and originally employed as a coffee barista with no bar training. When staff reach their second work anniversary they receive a sizable ATLAS Education Fund bursary to spend on training of their choice, even if not directly related to their current role.


ATLAS boasts an extraordinary selection of rare still wines from the Parkview Family Cellar, the owners of the venue. This treasure trove has been in the family for nearly four decades. Starting with a modest assortment of 50 bottles of right bank Bordeaux wines, the collection is now 50,000 bottles, spanning regions in France and around the world.

The Pinnacle Guide


ATLAS offers a luxurious experience that harks back to the glamour and grandeur of European lobby bars from the 1920s. With a soaring 15-metre-high ceiling adorned with hand-painted murals, plush banquette and armchair seating, a stunning grey marble counter with elegant brass inlays and a majestic three-storey gin tower housing over 1,300 unique gin bottles, ATLAS is a visual spectacle from every angle.

Guests enter ATLAS and are immediately greeted by a host who will seat them at the bar or at one of the couch-flanked tables. The hospitality here is marked by a blend of professionalism and genuine personality, and the team undergoes continuous training, ensuring that every guest receives high-touch, polished service and that every visitor is made to feel special. Comfort is paramount, and they even have a collection of pashmina shawls to share with guests should the air conditioning prove too chilly. 


With a beverage program focused on the golden age of cocktails, drinks here are typically all elevated classics or in-house modern twists on classics. Cocktails are presented simply and avoid anything too modern such as foams or smoke in order to maintain the theme. Due to the venue being fairly high-volume, ice is prepared for each style ahead of service and adds to the presentation.

Guests can explore the impressive gin collection through the Juniper Society membership, but for those gin-enthusiasts just passing through there are three stand-out options here including the house Martini, served in a crystal Waterford glass, the Martini flight and vintage Martinis dating back to the 1920s. ATLAS is also renowned for its champagne collection, housed in a bespoke rose gold champagne room and crowned by its three bottles of Heidsieck Monopole & Co “Gout Americain 1907”, salvaged from a sunken Swedish smuggling boat off the Finnish coast. 

The entire bar team is actively involved in deciding on and creating drinks for every menu and behind the scenes, ATLAS boasts a dedicated prep kitchen/bar area, where the bulk of pre-service preparations take place. This space not only ensures the seamless execution of service but also serves as a communal zone for the team to unwind and coordinate. Not much can be sourced locally, as Singapore is a city that imports most of its food, but the bar has found neighbourhood microgreens and eggs.

Adding to its refined ambiance, ATLAS offers a curated music program that aims to complement this. From eclectic playlists curated by Mustard Music, to live performances by renowned musicians, the music at ATLAS adds an extra layer of atmosphere to the overall experience. The team has worked hard to ensure the acoustics within the bar are perfect and engaged specialists to model and map the space to select the ideal sound system and acoustic treatments – for example adding floor-to-ceiling Liberty of London velvet curtains, and installing un-directional column speakers.  

“Atlas epitomises the feeling of coming home in terms of the way that the bar makes you feel. Even as a solo drinker it's a comfortable and welcoming experience. Before the drinks even arrive the space conveys a feeling of being somewhere special and being made to feel special.”

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