The application form will be assessed using a set of clear parameters for excellence, with each question weighted appropriately and a marking system designed to limit assessment subjectivity as far as possible. The application assessor will qualify and verify response accuracy, (a process continued during the in-person reviews).

A measurement scale, with individual wording attributed to each question will be set, based on the following parameters.

Levels 5-6 : A perfect demonstration of fulfilment of the question. Showing deep and genuine thoughtfulness, 360 approach, and where appropriate – a tangible structure, intrinsic to the values of the bar and the team.

Levels 3-4 :  A really good demonstration of fulfilment of the question. Showing a good understanding of what is expected, thoughtfulness and solid team buy-in. Additional time / work / resource required to be perfect – a little bit more that can be done.

Levels 1-2 : A pretty good demonstration of fulfilment of the question. Showing more than the bare minimum, some thoughtfulness, some team buy-in, some structure. A lot more that can be done.

Level 0 : Not achieved – no tangible demonstration of fulfilment. Not showing any discernible link to the question or demonstrating misunderstanding of the question. Doing the absolute bare minimum. Needs significant work.

Level -1 : Negative impact – true thoughtlessness. No demonstration of fulfilment with actions that actually negatively impact the wider industry and go against the values of The Pinnacle Guide.

An assessment resulting in a score of XX and above will lead to an anonymous review.