The application process will be in-depth (approx 200 questions), and is designed to take significant consideration from those seeking to be awarded 1, 2 or 3 PIN status. This detailed application allows a venue to showcase what it is they are most proud of and will provide the background information a reviewer will use when visiting the bar.

Beyond explanation and demonstration of drinks programme and overall concept, venues will have the opportunity to communicate what truly makes their bar top tier, including systems and processes, behind the scenes infrastructure, considerations to staff wellbeing and DEI practises. Environmental endeavours will be weaved throughout all eight modules as a key measure of excellence.

It will be possible to complete The Pinnacle Guide Application form in your preferred language and it does not need to be completed in one-sitting – to ensure venues are completely confident in their final application.

The application form makes up two thirds of the overall points available within the The Pinnacle Guide framework.

Administration Fee

Bars will be charged a small admin fee to enter into the application process, tiered based on the venue’s company revenue bracket. This admin fee allows The Pinnacle Guide to stay independent and means that appropriate resource can be allocated to the assessment of each venue’s application.

How will the admin fee work?

  • The admin fee will cover a full application cycle, and subsequent applications (if unsuccessful on the first cycle) for a year. 
  • All the application questions will be available to view before entering the application process, and so bars who want to use the questions simply as a benchmarking and improvement tool are free to do so. 
  • The admin fee will only be payable once a bar wants to enter into the official accreditation system for a PIN, at which point that venue will be allocated a dedicated representative from The Pinnacle Guide who will be reviewing and clarifying their application form. 
  • Feedback will be provided for a successful or unsuccessful application to allow a bar to understand where they are excelling or can improve. 
  • Once the initial admin fee has been paid, there are no additional fees throughout the process, including the point at which PINs are awarded.